More Sheila Waters’ prints

50mbroundel-copy-2There are more Sheila Waters’ prints available in the UK. The quality of the prints is amazing; all are signed by Sheila, all are in a clear protective sleeve and printed on high quality paper. See my previous post here for others. The first available is her wonderful Roundel of the Seasons. This is a tour-de-force of subtle colour change and inspirational strong and delicate calligraphy. It is 33 x 33 cms and costs £40 + £3 p+p (quote Roundel).

Please contact me through my website for details of how to pay. In each message, please quote the relevant artwork (the reference is in brackets for each piece) as postage is different according to the size of the piece. Also, if you buy more than one it is often possible to use one envelope and so save postage. 

sw-decoratedalphabet-copy-2This intricate alphabet comes in green and pink. Notice how detailed the decoration is. Each are 27 x 40·5 cm and costs £25 + £4 p+p each. (Quote Green alphabet, or quote Pink alphabet)






sw-music-copy-copyThis strong black and white piece with a musical text is very much in harmony. It costs ££25 + £4 p+p, and is 42 x 28·5 cm in size. (Quote Harmony)




sw-whatisman-copy-2This dramatic piece really packs a punch – it is a masterclass in contrast. It is 27·5 x 27·5 cms and costs £40 + £3 p+p (quote Man).






sw-donotstand-copy-2A delicate piece but powerful piece. It costs £25  + £3 p+p, and is 21·5 x 28 cms (quote Not there).







sw-forman-copyAnother wonderful dancing black and white artwork. It’s 42 x 28·5 cms and costs £25 +£4 p+p (quote For Man).





sw-sonnet-1-copy-3The last one shows Sheila’s terrific sense of colour, with a dancing delicate script. It costs £50 +£4 p+p and is 28 x 42 cms. (Quote How do I love thee)