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The Art and History of Calligraphy

IMG_2440This book was published by the British Library in May 2017, and is pretty much what it says – the art and history of calligraphy! This is a sneaky peak through the book. There are many full-page illustrations of manuscripts, and many more enlargements and extracts so that it is possible to see the letters in detail. The book begins with an overview of the art and history of calligraphy, from what is thought to be the earliest known woman’s writing in Britain from the first century CE and covers most calligraphic writing styles. The second chapter looks at how manuscripts were made, including, quills, vellum and parchment, pigments, brushes, and gold, with illustrations showing the sequence of mediæval manuscript illumination production. A short chapter looks at how the letters are written and then there are over 70 full page illustrations of manuscripts, with associated text, and often enlargements of a few lines so that the scripts can be seen clearly, bringing calligraphy right up to the present and showing the work of a number of calligraphy luminaries.

This is available from the British Library or by contacting me here. If you order through me then I will happily write a name calligraphically to make it special!

Now available in paperback and translated into Japanese.

This stunningly illustrated new book focuses on 76 intricate, expressive and individual examples of calligraphy from the unparalleled collection of the British Library. The author, a renowned expert on the history of the form as well as a fine calligrapher herself, writes – uniquely – from a practitioner’s point of view. Ranging from the Middle Ages, when beautiful calligraphy was a way of celebrating the divine, to the renaissance of the art form by William Morris, to the modern school of calligraphers following in the wake of master typographer Edward Johnston, Patricia Lovett charts the development of calligraphy through the history of European manuscripts. Large-scale full-colour reproductions enable the reader to see the fine detail of each manuscript, and to understand more clearly than ever before the painstaking craft and great artistic skill that were necessary to create these strikingly beautiful pieces of writing. Amazon

Large, full-colour reproductions show exceptional works in all their detailed glory, with useful insight into the methods behind this meticulous craft. Crafts magazine

What a treasure! It is a true delight to the eye and to the mind, with so much to absorb. At last a comprehensive study of calligraphy which I can understand and appreciate. AR

Fascinating and complex, the history of calligraphy is one that cannot be read in one sitting, but instead enjoyed slowly and profoundly as you turn the pages to reveal forgotten works. Landlove magazine, June 2017

This book takes us from the scriptoria of the Middle Ages … to the revival of the form, led by William Morris and contemporary calligraphy. … In our digital age, when even everyday penmanship is a rapidly disappearing skill, this is a book to treasure. The Lady, June 2017

Exceptional production techniques combined with research of a high order and top-level knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, her subject have combined to make this a really wonderful introduction to the history and art of calligraphy up to the present day. And if ever proof was needed that the printed hard cover book still has a place in this digital age, this is it – each full colour example faces a page of explanatory text and a small enlarged view of a little of the text, as a double page spread (of a large book!) that needs to sit open in front of you. The author draws your attention to the things, whether script, image or illumination, that have helped to make the book or piece shown what it is: where no attention to detail (and therefore no expense) has been spared, where the text has been written in haste, and how you can tell, the minute repairs to the vellum and the problems they may have given the scribe, example after example bringing to life for the general reader best part of two millennia of handdrawn art and script. And last but not least, how calligraphy and calligraphic art are used today. A lovely book. 

Amazon ***** 

FullSizeRenderIllumination – Gold and Colour

A practical guide to the use of gold and colour both for easy and quick projects using basic materials as well as vellum and parchment, quills, gold and gesso and colour, leading up to the step-by-step stages in gilding and painting a mediæval miniature. ‘Instruction boxes’ make the processes easy to see and follow. More details here. Available through this website and also from L Cornelissen and Son.

This is the most comprehensive collection of gathered calligraphic wisdom that I have seen. This is a book for all calligraphers (and would-be calligraphers) for their information, inspiration and sheer joy. RS

The book is unputdownable and is a compendium of all that anyone needs to know – all we have to do is to practise! LC

Illumination DVD

Illumination DVDAn introduction to gold, quills, vellum, egg tempera painting, and the use of gold, other metals and colour for easy and also more challenging projects, including the step by step process of how to paint a mediaeval miniature.






Calligraphy, Illumination and HeraldryThe British Library Companion to
Calligraphy, Illumination and Heraldry

“Without doubt this is the best book on calligraphy and illumination ever in print.”
Allessandro, New York City (Amazon)

“Gorgeous book, would be well worth several times the cost.”

“Fabulous resource for calligraphers. I read it from cover to cover like a novel.”
Jennifer G. Miller (Amazon)

I have wanted to use the the golden mean for determining margins (in books) for the longest time and just used it. I enjoy several of your books and the instructions in “Calligraphy & Illumination” were so easy to follow. I have read instructions in other books and have been totally lost, yours were so clearly written and so easy to follow.Donna (email message)

Jack Coleman rated it 5 of 5 stars

Recommends it for: students of calligraphy/genealogy reference. As an aspiring student of the art I would highly recommend this book. Plenty of classical alphabets presented in a most meticulous fashion. Lots of historical background even a chapter on Heraldry. It’s by far the most useful calligraphy reference I’ve seen and there are plenty out there. 


(NB: This book was published in the US as Calligraphy and Illumination. It is the same book!)

ArtsBookMix review

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Sourcebook for ScribesHistorical Source Book for Scribes

A fine book on historical writing. Each hand presented contains a detailed breakdown of the angles and spacing of a specific historical example. This is a real boon.
Elise C. Boucher (Amazon)

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent historical basis for modern calligraphy
The authors present a wide selection of historical manuscripts to inspire the modern calligrapher. They give an analysis of all the major hands from Roman times to C16th italic (nothing more recent) and then tell you how they can be re-created. The history and development of each script is described fully but clearly. Scholarly but readable. Lots of inspiration for the serious calligrapher. (Amazon)

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The Macclesfield Alphabet BookThe Macclesfield Alphabet Book

“Better than expectations, full alphabets, beautifully produced, as near to the original, really good reference book. A must for anyone interested on calligraphy.”

“The practitioner’s introduction has a wonderful discussion of the scribe and his tools. I was quite taken with the step by step process of creating a finished piece.”
Ant’s personal hyde

Patricia’s British Library interview about the book and the scribe and illuminator’s tools and materials.

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Teach Yourself CalligraphyTeach Yourself Calligraphy

This is a beginner’s guide to craft of ornate writing. Without needing any prior knowledge or experience the reader is shown the range of tools and materials which can be used to produce eye-catching writing.

In one chapter, a page is devoted to each letter of the alphabet, showing four classical styles, with guidance on how to form each letter. Techniques of writing with colour and gilding are also explained, and it is suitable for both adults and children.

“Teach Yourself Calligraphy by Patricia Lovett does exactly what it says ‘on the can’. Introducing the student to the best materials and equipment by way of informative text and clear illustrations in full colour, it takes them through the making of each letter stroke by stroke, the four basic alphabets and on to simple and more exciting ideas and projects. New technologies are explained – how to use the computer, scanner, printer and photocopier to reproduce multiples from a paste-up. It helps one solve problems and deal with mistakes. There’s a whole section on mixing and using colour, a glossary of terms and a comprehensive index.”
Sue Cavendish, Administrator, The Edge (Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society magazine)

Tools and Materials for CalligraphyTools and Materials for Calligraphy

This book is for beginners as well as enthusiasts in lettering, illumination and associated arts and gives details of the tools and materials required, how to use them and how to select and care for them.

Starting LetteringStarting Lettering

From the first ruling of straight lines to a whole variety of lettering styles, amusing flourishes and decorating ideas, this book shows young children how to enjoy the art of lettering.

Calligraphy for StartersCalligraphy for Starters

Creating LetterformsCreating Letterforms

Introduces calligraphy and other artistic uses of the letters of the alphabet, and discusses using these techniques in educational programs.

Guide to Calligraphy for the Manuscript Pen Company

Manuscript instruction booklet

The Manuscript Pen Company website

Berol Italic Set for BeginnersBerol Italic Set for Beginners

Parker CalligraphyParker Calligraphy