Durham Cathedral all lit up!

Durham Cathedral 1Durham Cathedral like you have never seen it before. This wonderfully majestic Romanesque Cathedral, put up by the Normans to replace the original Anglo-Saxon White Church built to house St Cuthbert’s shrine, was more than colourful when, as part of the Durham Lumière Festival, images from the Lindisfarne Gospels were projected on to the building.


Durham Cathedral is illuminated as the Lumiere Festival opened in Durham City, UK, on 17 November 2011. The biennial festival of light, which runs until 20 November, features works by 30 international and British artists. Ross Ashton's Crown of Light installation seen projected onto the cathedral.
The Gospels themselves are stunning, but when shown as enlarged as they are here, the true artistry of Eadfrith is emphasised.


This is an interesting reference to it, albeit in the Daily Mirror!